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In 14 Days You Can Detox your Home!

(I promise, it will be quick, easy & a lot of fun!)

Did you know everyday products in the average household contain hundreds of toxic chemicals?

More than 100,000 synthetic chemicals have been produced since WWII and less than 2% have been tested for birth defects, carcinogens, or toxicity....

(No wonder people are having so many issues! No one knows what the combinations of these harsh chemicals are doing to us!)

You don't need to be a doctor or scientist to figure out that our kids are likely being put in harm's way every. single. day because of these harsh, untested chemicals!

Let me ask you something...

Do you feel tired day after day?

Are you suffering from a seemingly constant brain fog?

Are you sooo tired and wish you could have a good night's sleep just once in awhile?

If so, I know exactly how you feel, because I've been there! The scary truth is that your home could be causing these symptoms!

(Crazy, I know….)

These sneaky toxins can hide in every day, seemingly innocent products in your home like laundry soap, candles, household cleaners and basic personal care items….

Hello, I'm Wendy Bjork, and a few years ago that sleepless woman in a perpetual brain fog was me...

I was exhausted and couldn't catch a break because my two little boys were counting on me. 

I wanted to be able to keep up with them, so I could enjoy the moments and not feel like I was in survival mode 24/7.

I wanted my Life back!

So I started looking for answers.. 

I started researching on the internet, read a ton of books and what I found was downright scary! 

I have learned a lot... like many of us our problems become our teachers....

You see, when I was 22 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis...  that changed everything.

I discovered that some of the chemicals in my daily household cleaners were actually making me sick!

I had sleep disturbances, headaches and all kinds of other issues...

I didn’t realize what all those impossible to spell (and say) ingredients on the labels of all of my household cleaners were actually HARSH chemicals…

For example, did you know that air fresheners do not freshen the air, they just numb your sense of smell! Yikes!!

Things like Phthalates or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) ... I mean what in the world is that?!?

I'll tell you, Phthalates have been proven to cause endocrine disruption, obesity and reproductive issues. And that's in my dish soap, air fresheners and my floor cleaner.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) has been proven to cause eye damage, depression, and skin irritations. Found that in my hand soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

Toxins were hiding in every day products in my home like my candles, laundry soap, and toilet cleaner.

That’s the moment I decided that I wanted my husband and children to have better air to breathe inside our house.
Plus, I didn't want to be afraid when my sweet dog would lick the floors after I finished mopping!  Because once I knew what was in that cleaner, I would have to probably call the vet or poison control!
So I decided it was time to completely detoxify my home..

I was doing it for myself, my family and my pet!

I just wanted to wake up and feel refreshed instead of tossing and turning night after night.

So I set out on what became a three year journey.

I was obsessed with getting my hands on every book and training I could find on alternatives to these harsh chemicals because I wanted my kids to have better air to breathe inside my house and I was sick of feeling tired and hopeless.

I learned how to read labels.

I learned how to dig deep and find out what all those abbreviated ingredients really meant...

I spoke with experts on the subject too!

Now, I can say I have completely detoxed my home, and it. feels. great!

I've thrown out the kitchen & bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, candles, soaps and the list goes on… I’ve replaced it all with non toxic products that smell even better!

No longer do I have to worry about carcinogens in my floor cleaner.  Or in my shampoo and hand soap.

Now I am sleeping well almost every night (only my husband's snores bother me now! ha ha ha)

I feel clear-headed, the brain fog is gone!

I can actually enjoy life again...

I was SO relieved that I had discovered the root cause and eliminated it that I started sharing this information with my family and friends.  Some of my family and a lot of my friends started detoxing their homes as well, and started feeling better too!

I know there are other women out there that are where I was, and want to feel the relief I now feel... so I decided to put everything I learned into a super-simple 14-day experience.

One where I will show you how to easily create a Healthy Home!  That's right, in just 14 Days.  

Not a month, or two or three... I can help you in 14 DAYS!

Sound good?

You will love how fun and easy it is! 

 (It was seriously boring when I did it with my home, but it will be a blast to do it with a group of other like-minded people!)

Here is what a few of the Challenge Finishers have to say!  

It will be so worth it! 

(And you will have chances to win cool Gifts from me!)

14-Day Detox Your Home Challenge
Normally $197

JUST $47

Now that I’ve detoxed my home, I no longer feel so tired...
  • I have a lot more energy.
  • ​My kids aren’t constantly getting sick.
  • ​I don’t get a headache after cleaning my bathroom.
  • ​Or feel woozy from burning candles.
  • ​I have the peace of mind knowing common household products aren't harming my health or my family's health.
Things are constantly changing in our world and this is a perfect time to shift towards a more holistic, chemical free lifestyle…

I have been where you are, just looking for the steps to take...

I will walk by your side to get this done so you can create your own Healthy Home.

Can you imagine
  • Having vibrancy again.
  • ​Going home and enjoying your space again.
  • ​Having energy all day long.
  • ​Your kids being healthier.
  • Feeling good after cleaning your bathroom.
  • ​Not having that weird dizzy feeling after your candles have been burning.
  • ​Sleeping better without resorting to sleep aids like the millions of women every night!             (An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders or sleep deprivation.     Only a third of Americans get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night according to the CDC.)
This wonderful online course includes:

*  Easy-to-follow, but SHORT comprehensive video lessons with Family Wellness Coach and an Ambassador for Toxin-Free Living Wendy Bjork.

*  Clear instructions on each step.

*  Professional guidance on how to read labels, know and trust your source.

*  Practical demonstrations on how to have what you'll need going forward.

*  Downloadable PDF worksheets to help you maximize your tool box.

*  And you will love the bonus of having more room under your kitchen cabinet!

*  Enjoy life again.  

*  Not risk falling asleep driving...

*  Or feeling like you're in a fog...

*  Let me help you...  One small step at a time…

*  You only need a few minutes each day...

*  Just 14 days.

You can say no more…

It’s your turn to take your life back and start looking forward to mornings, You can do this!

* You won’t want to miss out on this extraordinary course!

Grab your spot in the next 14-Day Detox Your Home Challenge!
Here's how it's going to work during our time together: 

* An expert intuitive special guest speaker to help with de-stressing and simple relaxation tips.

* Downloadable PDF Worksheets / Reference materials that will be uploaded to the Facebook Community in the Files section in relation to the training day.

* Schedule of Facebook Calls cheat sheet

* Ask Me Anything Sessions

* Surprise bonuses!

Week One: 

- We will start looking in your cabinets to see what's hiding in there, hitting your laundry room first!

- I will give some quick and easy solutions you can start using right away!

Week Two: 

- We will talk about your kitchen, bathroom and what's hiding in your shower... 

- Plus smart solutions for creating your Healthy Home!

  • I will show you in simple and easy steps, what could be hiding in your house with short daily videos.
  • ​We’ll quickly check out each room and see what we can find!
  • ​The daily calls will be recorded and stored inside the private Facebook group for viewing when it’s convenient if you’re unable to be on live.  (We know there might be one you need to catch on the #replay!)

And on top of all of that goodness, you will receive a Fast Start gift from Wendy delivered to your door!

Start using HEALTHY products free of: 

ammonia, chlorine bleach, formaldehyde and parabens right away with the Non-Tox All-purpose 12x concentrated cleaner (makes 6 spray bottles!)


PLUS a healthy non-tox toilet bowl cleaner with unmatched cleaning power and a natural formula that keeps your bathroom smelling as clean as it looks!

(Yes, You can have a clean and fresh home without chlorine bleach, ammonia and synthetic fragrances!)


$25 VALUE  shipped to your doorstep when you sign up for the Challenge!  

  • 14 days of Virtual Coaching with Wendy Bjork ($1,995 Value)
  • Detox Your Home Challenge Checklist & Reference Sheets ($397 Value)
  • Access to All Recordings ($497 Value)
  • Detox Your Home Private Facebook Community ($497 Value)
  • 14-Day Detox Your Home Challenge Completion Gift ($297 Value)
Total Value: $3,683
14-Day Detox Your Home Challenge
Normally $197

JUST $47

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